No more heat stress!

Keep your dog COOL by using this comfortable and easy to refill DRY Cooling Vest. After activating the vest by filling it with fresh water, it will immediately start cooling up to 15˚C / 59˚F below ambient air temperature for one to three days. Thanks to the patented system, the vest will never become wet or damp during use. The cooling effect is the result of evaporation and is largely dependent on humidity and airflow.

So, prevent your dog from developing heat stress! During and after a walk (in the sun) or whenever cooling is required.

« Keep your dog COOL and DRY, this helps to avoid heat stress »

  • Advantages
  • How to use
  • Sizes
  • Technology
  • Cooling chart

– Comfortable Heat-Stress Management;

– Cools down up to 15 C / 59 F below ambient air temperature;

– Immediate cooling up to 3 days, 100% DRY inside and out;

– Unique and patented DRY evaporation cooling technology;

– Proven technology by sporters, military and professionals;

– No refrigeration or additional gels or chemicals are required;

– Antibacterial, Machine washable and easy to clean.

To activate the DRY® Cooling Technology:

Add a small amount of fresh water (view size chart)

Distribute water evenly

Remove excess water and air and close the valve

Vest starts to cool immediately (15 degrees Celsius / 59 degrees Fahrenheit) for up to three days

How to put on the Vest on your Dog:

Insert the head through the opening;

Secure the vest by closing the buckles from the belly part to the back;

Adjust the straps to the right length;

Enjoy Immediate cooling

SizeDistance neck to tailChest circumferenceWater required
Small:35 - 50 cm / 14 - 20 inch55 - 70 cm / 22 - 28 inch200 ml / 6.75 oz.
Medium:50 - 60 cm / 20 - 24 inch60 - 80 cm / 24 - 32 inch290 ml / 10.20 oz.
Large:60 - 75 cm / 24 - 30 inch65 - 85 cm / 26 - 34 inch430 ml / 14.50 oz.

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