From adorable puppies and kittens, mischievous adolescents to senior pets, we are here for all pets! Especially senior pets sometimes need a little extra care. In this blog, you can read about how to support your pet during recovery, health issues and challenges of senior pets.

To overview

Health check for senior pets

We all hope our beloved furry friends live to be 100 years old and remain happy and healthy. However, all pets occasionally need some extra care. Especially for our beloved senior pets, the risk of health issues increases with age. This includes conditions such as heart and vascular problems, kidney failure, obesity, and joint issues like arthritis. This often develops gradually, which can make it difficult to recognize health issues. Try to pay close attention to your pet’s signals. Additionally, let your veterinarian regularly perform health checks on your senior pet.

(After)care for health problems

Health checks are especially crucial for older pets. If your pet suffers from a health problem, you want to offer him good (after)care and a comfortable recovery. We’re here to help you and your pet! For instance with the Recovery Suit®, which protects dogs and cats after a medical procedure, in case of skin conditions, excessive licking, and much more…

Pet recovery wearables

Senior pets generally sleep more, may move more slowly, drink more, and eat less. During their recovery from a medical condition or procedure, we want to prevent these discomforts from worsening. That’s why we offer pet recovery wearables as an alternative to the cone of shame. Thanks to these products, dogs and cats can move, eat, drink, sleep, and cuddle comfortably during their recovery, dealing with medical conditions and skin problems.

recovery suit

Pressure sores & joint problems

Pain and joint problems can create mobility issues for (older) dogs. This can create another problem: pressure sores. Make sure your dog lies on soft bedding instead of hard surfaces. Additionally, the Recovery Double Sleeves® may help. These front leg sleeves contain a soft layer for extra protection.

recovery sleeves

Discover all products to support your senior pet during recovery and in the face of aging issues.