The original full body Recovery Suit® for your cat is a professional alternative for the pet cone and/or full body bandage. This versatile Recovery Suit® protects your cat and environment during recovery, after a medical procedure, with a skin condition and a lot more... Give your furry friend the comfort and freedom it deserves for a faster recovery!

  • Recommended by veterinarians
  • Alternative to a cat cone
  • Can replace a bandage
  • Cats can move comfortably
  • Safe for cat & environment
  • Patented breathable design
  • Cats can use the litter box
  • Machine washable & reusable
  • Available in 4 sizes and 2 prints
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We’re here to help you find the best size Recovery Suit® for your cat! To find the right size, measure the distance from the neck (collar) to the base of the tail, as explained in the instruction video, and fill in the required measurements in the size calculator below.


If your cat is somewhere between two sizes, we recommend choosing the smaller size. Please be aware that the amount of fur, weight, and body proportions (long back and short legs for example or a very broad chest compared to the rest of the body) of your pet might affect the size needed.



size chart recovery suit cat


The size of the Recovery Suit® is best measured from the collar to the base of the tail. Fill in the chart below to find your cat's recommended size:

Cm/ Inch
Base of neck to base of tail.

Distance from the base of the neck to the base of the tail.

Unfortunately, our size calculator was unable to determine the best size for your cat. Take a look at the size chart above to find the right size. If your cat is between two sizes, we recommend choosing the smaller size. Tip: Also watch the measurement video on this page. Please contact us or consult your nearest store if you cannot find the right size. Contact us


We know how important it is to be able to quickly dress and undress your cat, which is why our Recovery Suit® is made of soft and stretchy high-quality material. The Recovery Suit® has a snug fit to prevent your cat from wiggling out. It is important however to keep monitoring your cat if the snug fit isn’t too tight. Getting the Recovery Suit® on and off your cat is simple, so let’s take a look!


Step 1: Roll up the suit with the middle head opening in your hand. Make sure that the light blue inner layer is facing down. Insert your cat’s head through the opening.


Step 2: Followed by inserting one leg into the provided smaller leg opening and the other leg into the other remaining smaller opening.


Step 3: Now pull the Recovery Suit® over your cat’s body all the way to the back.


Step 4: The lower belly flaps must be pulled between the hind legs towards the upper part near the base of the tail.


Step 5: Secure the two flaps with the snaps/poppers. We advise to close all snaps/poppers to keep the suit perfectly in place. 


Step 6: Take a good look around the legs, neck and tail to see if there is enough room to move and breathe!


how to put on



This easy to put on and off Recovery Suit® is specially designed on the anatomy of cats and can therefor only be used for cats.



Important information:

Consult your veterinarian when you want to use the Recovery Suit® for medical purposes. Your veterinarian can recommend a suitable treatment. Keep monitoring your cat regularly to make sure the fit is not too tight. We recommend keeping your cat under supervision of a responsible adult at all times while using the Recovery Suit®. Please consult your veterinarian if your cat’s behavior is changing or when your cat has excessive licking/chewing habits.



Washing instructions:

For longer usage, it is possible that the print of the Recovery Suit® and the label could fade over time. With the washing instructions below, this process can be delayed. Washing, maintaining and handling of delivered items always remains the responsibility of the customer.



  • Always turn inside out for washing;
  • Fasten all the press studs before washing;
  • We recommend using a laundry bag;
  • Wash the Recovery Suit® up to a maximum of 90ºC/194ºF;
  • Never put the Recovery Suit® in the dryer! Hang it out and let it air dry;
  • Do not iron directly over the print and never too hot;
  • Do not use bleach or other chemicals to clean the Recovery Suit®.


Using bleach and other chemicals can cause irritations to your cat’s wound, surgical area, hotspots or more…!


TIP! Little (peeing) accidents can happen while wearing the Recovery Suit®. To ensure that your cat remains protected, two Recovery Suit® are often purchased. While one Recovery Suit® can be washed, the other can be worn. When your cat needs to wear the Recovery Suit® longer than a week, it’s always better to have a back-up Recovery Suit®!




The Recovery Suit® for cats is toxic/lead free and is made of:




Because of the specially tailored opening at the back, for the majority of cats, you can leave the Recovery Suit® fully closed while the cat is using the litter box!


We recommend to check the opening at the back from time to time while wearing the Recovery Suit®.


suit cat litter box



Alternative to a pet cone

The Recovery Suit® is a professional alternative to the collar. The Recovery Suit® covers and protects the problem area against licking, biting and/or scratching instead of covering the pet’s entire head. By restricting the pet’s head with a pet cone, sounds are amplified, movement is restricted, and pets will bump into furniture. This often results in more stress. That is why we developed an animal-friendly alternative: the Recovery Suit®.


After a medical procedure

Did your pet undergo a medical procedure near the torso? The Recovery Suit® protects wounds and/or sutures on the torso. Thanks to the comfortable fit, the animal can recover in complete freedom. Less stress for a faster recovery!



If your cat has been spayed, aftercare and protection of the surgical area is essential for a good recovery. However, the traditional pet cone often causes a lot of stress for pets. Therefore, Suitical has developed an animal-friendly alternative: the Recovery Suit® Cat. This versatile shirt protects the surgical area after spaying/sterilization. This prevents pets from constantly licking, scratching, or biting the wound or stitches.


Note: The Recovery Suit® Cat is not suitable for use after neutering/castration of tomcats (male cats). Our shirt is designed so that cats can continue to use the litter box. The surgical area after neutering/castration is not protected.


Minimizes shedding

Dogs and cats lose a lot of hair throughout the seasons, especially on the torso since this area contains the largest amount of hair. The Recovery Suit® covers the entire torso, catching hairs in the shirt. Make sure to groom your pet regularly and to remove hair from the Recovery Suit® daily.


Provides nursing cats some time off

The Recovery Suit® provides nursing cats some time off by covering the entire torso, including the nursing cat’s mammary glands. At set times, the Recovery Suit® can be opened so the kittens can be fed.



Take a closer look by clicking on the number or + icon.

1 2 3 4 5 6

Loops for a cat collar

There are loops around the neck on the inside of the Suit. Your cat’s collar can be pulled through these loops and attached. It makes it even more difficult for your cat to squeeze out of the Recovery Suit®.


Soft stretch band

A soft, elastic and protective stretch band around the front and hind legs and around the tail ensures that the Recovery Suit® does not rub and cut into the legs and tail of the dog. Cats can move and heal in complete freedom. However, it is important to make sure that your cat is fitted with the right size, and to make sure that the shirt is not too tight.

For animals where the surgical area and/or dermatological problem runs between the shoulder blades towards the neck, it is desirable for this area to be protected as well. Therefore, the Recovery Suit® is equipped with a longer, soft, elastic neck protective collar.


Blue inner layer & pocket

The interior of the Recovery Suit® is partially light blue so fluid loss can be checked by the veterinarian or owner. In the event of fluid loss, a sanitary towel can be applied on the inside of the suit or between the double layer. If necessary, an ice pack can also be inserted between the double layer.


Fully closed design & specially tailored opening

In many cases, the surgical area for the cat is very close to the urination area. The shirt is completely closed (regardless of gender) to ensure that the entire torso of every physique is protected. Due to the specially tailored opening on the back, the majority of cats can use the litterbox while wearing the shirt fully closed. It is recommended to always supervise your cat and check for urine strains on the shirt after using the litterbox.


Press studs for good fixation

It is very difficult for the cat to open the Recovery Suit® because the closure is at the rear. However, it is quick, safe and easy for the owner or veterinarian to put on and take off. We advise to close all press studs to keep the shirt perfectly in place.

There’s also a single teal colored snap, so you can quickly see that this is an original Suitical product!


Original Suitical product

The Suitical logo is always on the left side of the Recovery Suit® near the shoulder area. The washing label has an integrated Suitical hologram. Without the logo and the hologram, it is not an original, official product of Suitical International.

There’s also a single teal colored snap, so you can quickly see that this is an original Suitical product!


Available print


Suit up your cat with this stylish and cool camouflage print while recovering! The camouflage pattern is custom printed on the fabric. No harmful toxics are being used. Just 100% animal-friendly!                      

TIGER print

Suit up your cat with this stylish and cool tiger print while recovering! The tiger pattern is custom printed on the fabric. No harmful toxics are being used. Just 100% animal-friendly!