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I wanted to thank you for making the Suitical – my Airedale Terrier puppy recently had an emergency operation (to remove a sock that he had swallowed!) and has a large incision on his abdomen. With my last dog, also an Airedale, when he had a surgery I had to use a cut-up t-shirt to try to keep him away from his incision. It worked – a little.
I found the Suitical on Chewy.com. It fits my boy perfectly. He doesn’t mind putting it on, and wearing it is just fine. Now I can go to work without worrying that he will open up his stitches or have them get infected. I’m thrilled!


Thank you again for making a great product. So many items are a disappointment when you receive them, flimsily made, horribly sized, but this one is a winner.

All the best,

Lulu + Otto Fizz



I purchased two of the Suitical recovery suits for our Standard Poodle to wear after abdominal surgery. Thank you for one of the best pet products I have ever purchased. You have taken great care to make a quality, useful and practical product.

Your suit has provided much comfort and security to our dog as he heals. I know he would have licked the wound and required an e-collar without your amazing suit.

Thank you so much from a U.S. fan.

Kind regards,


Hello, I wanted to write and thank you for an amazing product. I had my two female kittens spayed and when they came home with the cone it was heartbreaking. They were bumping into walls. Unable to navigate play and felt scared and threatened. It was also close to impossible for them to eat, drink, and clean themselves. Your product is the answer to our problems. The E-cone is barbaric and cruel. Please market your product to veterinarians. Thank you!



Alana Petrie


AMAZING product! I purchased your suitical recovery suit for my cat and it’s incredible. . . she has freedom of movement, less stress, completely protected from potential injury to sutures; plus the easy on/off snaps makes it so she doesn’t mind wearing it!

Highly recommend this GREAT product! Thank you.

Joyce Wolfe


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