Suitical – Faster and comfortable recovery for your loyal friend.

Imagine this: your loyal friend is recovering from skin conditions, hot spots or wounds (first aid, after being spayed, neutered or other surgical procedures). This can be quite stressful already. It would not benefit your pet if you increase that discomfort and stress level even further by restricting their ability to move, eat or drink normally. This is what happens when you use a ‘cone of shame’ (the old fashioned Elizabethan collar).

Hearing clearly is very important for pets. Amplifying the sounds by using a cone can distract their sense of direction and could cause them to bump into something (for example your valuable furniture, vases, etc.).

The best way
Here at Suitical, we believe it is better to cover the problem area instead of restricting the head to prevents dogs and cats from getting to their surgical sutures, wounds, hot spots or skin problems.

Children friendly
Pets are protected from themselves as well as from other animals/children.

Easy to use, Patented Designs
Suitical products acts as a second skin, allowing pets to enjoy their day with little anxiety or disruption. The snug fit combined with the easy to use rear fastening, prevents the pet from wiggling out of the suit or sleeve. The breathable fabric enables air to circulate around the wound for healing, and it fully covers the affected areas to prevent biting and scratching. Covered areas are also kept dry and clean, preventing bacteria and dirt from causing infection. Cats are able to use the litter box as they need without the removal of the suit. The dogs suit can be easily pulled back and fastened to allow for using the bathroom when nature calls.

Only the best, non-toxic materials
When protecting wounds, hot spots or skin conditions it is important to keep it dry. To achieve this, we use the best high quality, organic cottons (94 – 96 percent) to make the Suit and Sleeve as breathable and lightweight as possible without compromising strength and comfort.

“Reduce stress, this helps for a quicker recovery”

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