An animal-friendly protection after neutering!

To overview

It often takes a few steps before deciding to get your dog or cat neutered: pet owners collect information about the pros and cons of this medical procedure, they schedule an appointment at their veterinarian, and they bring their pet to the veterinarian practice. However, what is just as important as the preparation or even more important? Exactly, aftercare! It is essential to protect the surgical area for a fast recovery, but the traditional Elizabethan collar causes stress for pets. That is why Suitical has developed a pet friendly alternative: The Recovery Suit®.

The Recovery Suit® is a professional alternative for the medical cone and/or full body bandage. Available in the versions Dog and Cat. This versatile Recovery Suit® protects the surgical area after neutering/spaying. Prevents dogs and cats from licking, scratching or biting the wound or sutures.

The soft, elastic and protective stretch band around the front and hind legs and around the tail ensures that the Recovery Suit® does not rub and cut into the legs and tail. Contrary to the “cone of shame”, the Recovery Suit® is an ideal solution for wound protection providing comfort after surgery whilst allowing freedom of movement.

The interior of the Recovery Suit® is partially light blue so fluid or blood loss can be checked by the veterinarian or owner. In the event of fluid loss, a sanitary towel can be applied on the inside of the suit or between the double layer. If necessary, an ice pack can also be inserted between the double layer.

The Recovery Suit®: Less stress for a faster recovery!

Consult your veterinarian when you want to use the Recovery Suit® for medical purposes. Your veterinarian can recommend a suitable treatment. Keep monitoring your pet regularly to make sure the fit is not too tight. We recommend keeping your pet under supervision of a responsible adult at all times while using the Recovery Suit®.