Hot spots, wounds, allergies, skin problems, what do they all have in common? Exactly, itchiness!

To overview

Dogs will do anything to reduce the itchiness. Scratching, licking, biting, chewing. This can be seen as normal behavior, but it becomes excessive in many cases. As a result, wounds will recover poorly and could get infected and irritated. Often, dogs with front leg problems show this excessive licking, scratching and biting behavior. That is why we developed the Recovery (Double) Sleeve(s)®: a single or double front leg sleeve(s) for dogs.

The versatile Recovery (Double) Sleeve(s)® protects your dog’s front legs during recovery and after a medical procedure. The sleeves are suitable for covering and protecting ointments, bandages, surgical sutures, wounds and IV lines. Thanks to the sleeves the dog cannot bite, scratch or lick the affected area, but he can still move freely. The sleeves are a great alternative to the traditional Elizabethan collar (“cone of shame”).

The Recovery Sleeve® is a front leg sleeve which can be used for the left or right front leg thanks to its symmetrical design. The Recovery Double Sleeves® protect both front legs. An additional soft protective layer has been added to the Recovery Double Sleeves®. These have been designed for (older) dogs that require some additional comfort at the elbows.

The adjustable closure around the chest makes it quick, safe and easy to put on and take off, but it is almost impossible for dogs to open the sleeves. A soft, elastic and protective stretch band around the chest and around front leg ensures that the sleeves does not rub and cut into the legs and chest of the dog. Contrary, the gentle pressure the Recovery (Double) Sleeve(s) offers, could have a calming effect for most dogs. So, relax and move freely!


Consult your veterinarian in case of excessive licking or scratching behavior for a suitable diagnosis and treatment. We recommend keeping your dog under supervision of a responsible adult at all times while using the Recovery (Double) Sleeve(s)®.