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A medical procedure, pain during recovery, itching due to skin problems; this could all result in stress for a dog. As a consequence, this stress could lead to other problems. Due to stress, dogs could lick or bite their front legs excessively. This could again lead to hot spots or other (skin) problems. In short, this can soon become a vicious circle. That is why it is important to protect wounds and skin problems. With the Recovery Sleeve®, a front leg sleeve, the problem area is protected and stress could be reduced.

In case of hot spots and skin problems

The Recovery Sleeve® covers and protects hot spots, wounds and other skin conditions on the animal’s front leg. In this way, the problem area can heal in complete freedom. The Recovery Sleeve® is a professional alternative to the cone of shame. The Recovery Sleeve® covers and protects the front leg against licking, biting and/or scratching instead of covering the dog’s entire head. By restricting the pet’s head with a collar, sounds are amplified, movement is restricted, and pets will bump into furniture. This often results in more stress. Choose the animal-friendly alternative: the Recovery Sleeve®.

Calming effect Recovery Sleeve®

The Recovery Sleeve® is also very useful to reduce stress after a medical procedure. Thanks to the adjustable closure and soft stretch band, the Recovery Sleeve® offers a gentle pressure around the dog’s chest. This pressure offers a calming effect for most dogs. In this way, the front leg sleeve covers the problem area, but could also reduce stress or anxiety.

Less stress for a faster recovery!