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The Recovery Suit® is a professional alternative to the cone and full body bandage. This versatile shirt protects your pet and environment after a medical procedure, during recovery, with a skin condition and a lot more. What includes a lot more? In this post, we give a few examples of how to use the shirt. 


Springtime is ticks time!

It is springtime, the temperatures rise, and the nature is in full bloom. A lot of us really enjoy this period, but we are not the only one. These are the perfect conditions for one of your pet’s enemies: ticks! Ticks actively search for blood meals and they often find these meals at our pets. This often causes large problems. Ticks can be infected with bacteria and could transmit the Lyme disease to your pet for example. Good prevention is essential. Consult your veterinarian for proper preventive measures. Moreover, protect your pet with the Recovery Suit®. The Recovery Suit® covers your pet’s entire torso. In this way, you reduce the risk that ticks could reach your pet!

Protects in case of overgrooming

The Recovery Suit® offers a good protection in case of excessive licking. Especially cats spend a lot of time licking their fur. This is normal cat behavior. However, some cats exhibit excessive licking behavior. This could even lead to bold or infected spots.  This behavior could be caused by many factors. Consult your veterinarian for the right diagnosis and treatment. Again, the Recovery Suit® offers additional protection of the entire torso. Thanks to the Recovery Suit®, your pet cannot lick the spot on its torso anymore, but he can still move freely in contrast to the traditional cone.

The Recovery Suit® is available in a Dog and Cat version.