Warm weather? Hiking? Traveling? With this DRY Cooling Vest, you can prevent your dog from overheating. Read everything about how dogs can overheat and how to prevent it!


Dogs can’t sweat with sweat glands, as we humans can. In addition, dogs have a coat that is insulating. Where we can take off our jacket, the coat of dogs remains warm and can the temperature can easily rise. For this reason, dogs pant to regulate cooling, they lose heat through their tongue and also a bit through their foot soles. Due to warmer temperatures, dogs will pant faster, causing the heart rate to go up fast, which can easily lead to heat stress. Which can have major (fatal) consequences for your dog. There is no standard temperature when dogs get too hot. This may differ but can start from as low as 12oC and above. It’s therefore very important to be alert of your dog at all times and even with (for us humans) colder temperatures. 




Puppies & older dogs are more sensitive to warmer temperatures because of their age. Just like babies, they need a bit of help. As well as sick dogs or with poorer conditions. They can’t optimal regulate their body temperatures due to sickness, allergies, in combination with medicines or with other conditions.

The kind of breed can play a major role in sensitivity to heat as well, such as dogs with shorter noses and the associated respiratory problems. Breed examples are: Pugs, French Bulldogs, Boxers, English Bulldogs and of course all other dogs with short noses or respiratory problems.

Running, hiking or playing fetch. When in summer we’d like to take our dog outside. Hiking or biking with them, letting them pull you when skating or just playing fetch. These activities ask energy and effort of your dog. Even if it may seems nice to take your dog running, it is possible that your dog is starting to overheat within minutes. When your dog is starting to pant, your dog is also starting to develop heat-stress. Which can have major (fatal) consequences for your dog. Help your dog in a simple, comfortable way and prevent overheating!

Let them stay inside, go for short walks in the shade on grass (they easily burn their foot soles) and let them wear the DRY Cooling Vest to prevent heat-stress. Keep all this in mind and always keep an eye on your beloved furball and never leave your dog unattended in any vehicle*. If under any circumstance you think your dog is developing heat-stress, contact your veterinary clinic immediately!


The cooling vest has been developed especially for dogs in collaboration with experts. Because the fur of dogs on the back is often thicker, we have designed the DRY® Cooling Vest in such a way that not only the back is cooled, unlike other cooling products, but also the belly. This gives the dogs optimum cooling! Due to the unique and proven DRY® evaporation cooling technology, your dog will never become wet, damp or warm during use. Wet fur traps heat and eventually rises in temperature and so will your dog. A lot of cooling vests are water activated by pouring water over the vest, which results in a wet, smelly and overheated dog.


Your dog will stay COOL, DRY and can operate at optimal body temperature in warm conditions. Like assisting-, search-, rescue-, military- and police dogs. In warmer climates they use this DRY® Cooling Vest for longer endurance. The cooling starts immediately after activating it and can cool up to 3 days**. Another reason for longer endurance is that each size of this vest can be adjusted for a comfortable fit with straps. So, dogs have their freedom to walk, run, jump, eat and sleep with the DRY® Cooling Vest however they want.

Besides protecting your dog against heat, the DRY® Cooling Vest is also antibacterial and machine washable. After every wash*** the vest is as good as new and can be used over and over up to 800 times, so you and your dog are always ready for those warm days.

All products of Suitical are animal-friendly. With most cooling vests you see that chemicals, refrigeration or other toxic products are needed. We wanted to design a vest that is animal- and ecological friendly, but also pet owner friendly. The only thing you will need is water from a tap or simply fill a bottle of water and take it with you when you and your beloved friend are going for that hike. Due to all research and collaborating with experts, these are the materials which created the best possible quality for dogs and their owners. The DRY® Cooling Vest is lead and toxic free making the vest, with all the other benefits, the best PREMIUM cooling vest on the market.



*DO NOT LEAVE YOUR DOG (AND OTHER PETS) IN ANY PARKED VEHICLE. We want to prevent the pet owner’s assumption that this DRY®Cooling Vest is a solution to be used in any parked vehicle. In a parked vehicle the temperatures (even in the shade) can rise quickly and pets could get overheated. Even with the DRY® Cooling Vest on we cannot guarantee that the pet can cool down enough in these temperatures.
**In warmer temperatures the water in the vest will evaporate faster than in lower temperatures. Keep that in my mind and always check if the vest is still cooling by feeling the inside of the vest that lays on top of the fur, you can just refill the vest when needed.
***Please read the full washing instructions on the product page of this vest.