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Suitical pet recovery wearables: The animal-friendly alternative to the cone of shame.

Suitical is the No.1 pet recovery wearables retail brand that, together with professional veterinarians, designs and manufactures patented, high-quality handcrafted products. Our products offer hope, comfort, and peace of mind. Suitical’s mission is to improve the post-surgery experience for pets and pet owners by offering comfortable, effective, and protective recovery wear. It minimizes stress, discomfort, expedites healing, and reduces the risk of complications.

Suitical now available in Australia!

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Some benefits for your pet and you include:

  • Limits risk of infection; Offers full-body coverage, acting as a barrier that safeguards the affected area from accidental touching or interference by children, other pets and family. Suitical Pet Recovery Wear is safer for everyone involved.
  • High-quality patented design; Designed with vets for pets. Our materials are safe, breathable, washable and comfortable like a second skin.
  • Stress reduction; Allows your pet to move freely and engage in everyday activities while staying protected.
  • Support and comfort; Pets can feel loved and comforted by their family through hugs and physical contact while wearing Suitical, enhancing their emotional well-being during the healing process.
  • Versatile use; Pet owners can use Suitical for various purposes, including wound protection, anxiety reduction, and managing skin conditions for their beloved pets. Making it an everyday essential.
  • Adaptable sizes; Suitable sizes and fits are available for different pets, ensuring a perfect match from younger to older pets, accommodating growth and changing needs.





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