The Recovery Double Sleeves® protects your dog’s front legs during recovery, after a medical procedure, with a skin condition and a lot more…

To overview

Hot spots, wounds, allergies, inflammation, skin problems. This is a common problem in dogs and their front legs are often affected. Good treatment and protection are essential for a fast recovery. The Recovery Sleeve® is a single front leg sleeve and helps dogs with (skin) problems on one of their legs. However, many dogs have skin conditions on both front legs. That is why we have recently launched the Recovery Double Sleeves® to protect both front legs.

The versatile Recovery Double Sleeves® protects your dog’s front legs during recovery and after a medical procedure. The sleeves are suitable for covering and protecting ointments, bandages, surgical sutures, wounds and IV lines. Thanks to the sleeves the dog cannot bite, scratch or lick the affected area, but he can still move freely. The Recovery Double Sleeves® is a great alternative to the traditional Elizabethan collar (“cone of shame”).

Calming effect

The Recovery Double Sleeves® contains an adjustable closure and soft stretch band. The closure and band offer a comfortable pressure around the chest. This pressure can have a calming effect on dogs. This can be useful in many situations, for example after a medical procedure, in case of anxiety or stress.

Extra soft protection

An additional soft protective layer has been added to the Recovery Double Sleeves®. These have been designed for (older) dogs that require some additional comfort at the elbows.

If only one front leg needs to be protected, the single Recovery Sleeve® can be used. This sleeve is symmetrical in design, making it possible to be used for your dog’s left or right front leg. Thanks to the Suitical leg protection, dogs can recover comfortably. Less stress for a faster recovery!

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