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Even though this NEW Tiger print looks like a fun product, don’t be mistaken! This Suit functions exactly the like the Recovery Suit® Black Camo for cats. The Suit allows your cat to move freely while providing the same professional protection and coverage you are used to from Suitical.  The Recovery Suit® Tiger protects your cat and their environment during recovery, after a medical procedure, with a skin condition and a lot more… Give your furry friend the comfort and freedom it deserves for a faster recovery! NOW AVAILABLE!

  • Alternative to a cat cone.
  • Can replace a bandage
  • Cats can move comfortably
  • Safe for cat & environment
  • Patented breathable design
  • Cats can use the litter box
  • Machine washable & reusable
  • Available in 4 sizes


Reduce stress after surgery!

A medical procedure and pain after surgery can cause stress for your pet, so you want to prevent extra stress for him during recovery. It’s important to cover and protect the problem area after surgery. However, by restricting the pet’s head with a pet cone, sounds are amplified, movement is restricted, and cats will bump into furniture. This often results in more stress. Recent research* by the University of Sydney and the University of Glasgow, in which a total of 434 dog and cat owners participated, found that 77.4% of these owners rated their animal’s quality of life worse while wearing a pet cone. Doesn’t sound like a comfortable recovery for pet and pet owner. Read the research below in our blog: Cone of shame VS. protective apparel.

That is why we developed animal-friendly alternatives to the pet cone. The Recovery Suit® covers and protects the problem area against licking, biting and/or scratching instead of covering the pet’s entire head. All products are designed and manufactured with great attention, care and with a heart for animals and the environment. Everything to reduce stress, to speed up recovery and to simplify aftercare for pet owner and veterinarian.

Only the best care for pets!


Ask your pet store or veterinarian about the Suitical Recovery Suit® for cats or have a look in online webshops. For more information about the Recovery Suit® Cat check below or read the other blogs!

*Shenoda, Y., Ward, M.P., McKeegan, D. & Fawcett, A. (2020). “The Cone of Shame”: Welfare Implications of Elizabethan Collar Use on Dogs and Cats as Reported by their Owners.