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The old-fashioned Elizabethan collar, also called cone of shame, is still used after medical procedures to prevent dogs and cats from getting to their wounds and sutures. However, scientific research highlights the welfare implications of the Elizabethan collar.

A recent research from the University of Sydney and University of Glasgow, in which 434 dog and cat owners participated, shows that 77.4% of the owners reported a poorer quality of life in their dogs and cats when wearing an e-collar. Their pets were hampered in their daily activities, especially in their ability to move, eat, drink and play. Partly as a result of this, the owners indicated that their pets seemed more stressed.

Welfare implications cone of shame

The cone of shame often interferes with moving freely. Dogs and cats can struggle to eat and drink while wearing the cone. Moreover, the e-collar can obstruct view, causing dogs and cats to bump into furniture, other animals and people. As a result, they can damage objects, injure people due to the cone’s sharp edges and have unfriendly interactions with other animals. In addition, the Elizabethan collar can amplify sounds, which can disorient or scare pets.

If a dog or cat wears a cone, the problem area is still open and unprotected. Other animals and small children can easily reach the wound or sutures for example. Moreover, dirt and bacteria can enter the wound, which can increase the risk of infection.

Suitical’s protective apparel

Recovery Suit®

The Recovery Suit® (Dog and Cat) is an animal-friendly alternative for the cone. The Suit protects and covers the pet’s body after a medical procedure like neutering, during recovery, in case of skin problems or whenever protection is needed. Thanks to the comfortable design, dogs and cats can move, eat, drink and play during recovery. This results in less stress for a faster recovery.

Recovery Sleeve®

The Recovery Sleeve® is a front leg sleeve which can be used on a dog’s left or right front leg thanks to its symmetrical design. The sleeve covers and protects hot spots, wounds and other skin conditions on the dog’s front leg. Moreover, it prevents excessive licking, which can cause infections. The Recovery Sleeve® has an additional advantage: the gentle pressure around the chest offers a calming effect for most dogs.

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