We want to do everything we can to keep our furry friends healthy and happy. Unfortunately, cats often have skin problems. Various factors can cause these problems, including allergies, wounds, and parasites. Cats will scratch, lick and bite to reduce itchiness. As a result, the skin might heal slower, and infections can develop. The Recovery Suit® offers an animal-friendly solution: it covers and protects skin problems, allowing the skin to heal faster.

To overview

Common causes of skin problems in cats


Just like humans, cats can suffer from allergies. These can be environmental allergies like dust mites or pollen, as well as food allergies. Flea allergy is one of the most common allergies in cats. Allergies can lead to itchy, red skin, hair loss, and even skin infections.

Fungal infections

Skin fungal infections affect the skin and fur due to fungal organisms. Fungal infections are often contagious, and some fungal infections can even be passed on to humans.


Cats are curious and adventurous animals and can easily get injured during their daily adventures. They can also get injured due to fights with other cats. Wounds are susceptible to infections and often require extra protection to heal.


Parasites like fleas, ticks, and mites irritate a cat’s skin and cause itching. Scratching and biting can damage the skin, leading to secondary infections.

How to recognize skin problems in cats?

Common symptoms of skin problems include itching, wounds, scabs, and bald spots on the skin. To alleviate itching, cats often lick and bite the irritated skin, sometimes even scratching it open. This can damage the deeper layers of the skin and lead to bacterial skin infections like an abscess. That’s why providing the right protection for skin problems is crucial. But how do you do that?

The Recovery Suit® covers and protects the skin

Is the problem area on the torso? The Recovery Suit® covers and protects wounds, scabs, hotspots, and other skin problems on the torso. This reduces the risk of infections due to scratching, licking, or biting. This contributes to a faster recovery.

This furry friend had a skin problem and a secondary infection. The Recovery Suit® protected his skin and helped to heal the wound faster. Thanks to the suit, he was able to go on adventure with his friends again. 

Comfortable and safe recovery

Thanks to the comfortable fit of the Recovery Suit®, cats can move, eat, drink, and even play comfortably while recovering from skin problems. Children and other pets can interact with the cat as usual because the Recovery Suit® shields the problem area from external influences. This results in less stress and a quicker recovery.

Skin problems in cats can significantly impact their well-being, but with the right care and the protection of the Recovery Suit®, our fluffy friends can recover more quickly and comfortably. Note: Always consult a veterinarian for severe skin problems or if in doubt, so that your cat receives a proper diagnosis and treatment.